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What Public Transport Vehicles exist in Turkey? How are they used?

One of the most important factors that identify quality, habitability of a city is public transport services. Going easily to their workplaces, schools of people, not encountering any problem in their social life because of transportation is quite important.

When looked at from this perspective, it is possible for us to tell that quality public transport network is reachable in many provinces of Turkey.

We have analysed certain public transport methods in Turkey and compiled some information how to use these vehicles.


Municipality buses which provide service in city centres are public transport vehicles that are mostly used in Turkey and assure transport to most point. This service rendered in some cities directly by municipalities is presented by private enterprises in some cities.

How to use Municipality Buses?

In each city, in order to use municipality buses,    obtaining different cards is required. Each city has got a transportation card specific to them to benefit from public transport vehicles such as Ankaracard in Ankara, İzmirim Card in İzmir, etc. thanks to these cards, you can take advantage of all public transport vehicles operated by municipality except for the minibuses operated by persons.

In addition to this, let us indicate that Ministry of Transportation, Maritime and Communication of Turkey is interested in a joint card project which can be used in all country in near future.

Now let us review briefly the municipality buses in three largest cities of Turkey

Inner City Bus Transportation in İstanbul

In general, from 05.00 a.m till 01.00 pm. municipality buses are in service. However, these hours change from on a line to another one. If we give a look   on public transport’s ticket fees in general

  • Single boarding card: 15 TL
  • Two boarding card: 25 TL
  • First boarding fees for İstanbulcard: 7.67 TL- student : 3.74 TL
  • İnterlining boarding fees: 5.49 TL, Student: 1.64 TL
  • Monthly Blue Card fees: full: 602 TL, Student 109 TL

You can refer to İETT website for detailed information. (Linking

Inner City Bus Transportation in Ankara

Municipality buses in Ankara offer service from 05.30 a.m. to the night 00.00. However, in the direction of the resolution taken by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, from end of 2017, municipality buses render service for 24 hours.

  • First boarding fees for Ankara Card: 6.50 TL- Student 3.50 TL
  • Interlining boarding fees: 2.25 TL- Student 01.25 TL

You can look bus lines and their departure times from EGO website. (Linking

Inner City Bus Transportation in İzmir

In İzmir, third largest city of Turkey, municipality buses also offer service between 06.30-00.00 in general.

  • First boarding fees of İzmir Card: 6.50 TL- Student 2.20 TL
  • Interlining boarding fees: 1.20 TL- Student: 0 TL

You can look bus lines and their departure times from ESHOT website. (Linking

Shared Taxi – Minibus

One of the most frequently used public transport vehicles subsequent to bus is shared taxi or minibus. These vehicles are private person vehicles which provide transportation through the permit they take from municipality. Pricing may show change according to distance. Because in the transport with minibus, the transportation cards presented by municipality cannot be utilized. Instead of this, transport fee is directly given to driver of minibus. Therefore when you get in minibus, you should be careful to carry small change.

i.e. minibus tariff for İstanbul;

  • in 0-2 km distance: 5,25 TL
  • in 2-4 km distance: 5,50 TL
  • in 15-20 km distance: 7,75 TL.

In other cities, tariff changing as per distance is also applied. However, in average a fee between 3.5-10 TL may be mentioned.


Subway line in World standards is encountered in 5 cities of Turkey. These cities are Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa and Adana.

Most developed subway line is owned by İstanbul. In the city with inner city subway line of 92 km, subway network will grow more with continuing lines. Besides, Marmaray which passes under Bosphorous is the only subway line merges Asia and Europe continents.

Second most developed subway line is found in capital Ankara. Length of subway network in the city is around 55 km.

In  subway networks of two cities, different interlining points are present. By using these interlining points, you can easily access the points to which no transport could be provided with subway.

Bus Rapid Transit

“Bus Rapid Transit” specific only to İstanbul is the name given the bus in the format of subway. Accordingly,  inner city main roads of bus rapid transits, there exists a line belonging to them. Therefore, the bus rapid transit in this line ensures flowing and fast transport without stranding in traffic. Besides, let us state that bus rapid transit is integrated in other transport vehicles like ferry, subway, municipality buses, etc.

By courtesy of this integration, you can change different transport vehicles readily, easily arrive the place you will go to.

Street Car

Street Car is a public transport vehicle seen in different provinces of Turkey with its easy and comfortable transport possibilities it provides in city and the nostalgic atmosphere.

Especially in the cities like İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Bursa, Eskişehir, Kayseri and Gaziantep, etc., transport with Street car is more prevalent than other cities. In addition, although the Street car operating on İstiklal Street, one of the busiest places of İstanbul is employed for nostalgia purpose, it facilitates transport from one end to another one     of the Street. We recommend those who want to visit İstanbul to discover İstiklal Street with this nostalgic Street car.


Ferry transportation is also one of   the alternatives to be considered in terms of inner city public transport. Because Turkey is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by seas, marine vehicles are also benefited for public transportation. Especially in İstanbul and İzmir, transport with ferry is quite prevalent. In ferry lines in Istanbul, both you can provide transportation from European side to Asian side and watch historical İstanbul silhouette until satisfied.

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