What is YOS?

YOS is an exam for who wants to study undergraduate or two-year licence foreigners in any university in Turkey. It is required for foreigners who wants to study in Turkey. YOS is shortened name of (Foreign Student Exam)

Every year in Turkey thousands of foreign students that are university candidates apply for this exam. Based on this exam’s grades they can apply to university and if they get enough grades, they become eligible to register into the university. Up until 2010 foreign students would enter this exam done by ÖSYM in June of every year. But based on the decision made by ÖSYM in 21.01.2010; it was transferred from the authority of the ÖSYM to the university itself starting from the year of 2011.

Who can enter the YOS exam?

  • Foreign nationals,
  • Blue Card Holders,
  • Foreigners who got the Turkish citizenship,
  • Turkish Citizens who started their secondary education in any country outside of Turkey and Northern Cyprus,
  • Turkish students who complete their secondary school education in any foreign country except Northern Cyprus,
  • Northern Cyprus citizens who are living in Northern Cyprus and completed their secondary education in Northern Cyprus and have GCE AL exam results.
Who can enter the YOS exam?

How YOS exam is done in Turkey?

Based on 2010’s decision universities started arranging YOS exams for the students that they are going to accept. For students who want to apply for YOS, the universities announce the requirements that the students must do/have, exam application phases, and the dates and prices of their exams. For some YOS exams done in Turkey the results are valid for two years and others are valid for one year. Exam results are valid only in the university that had done the exam unless stated otherwise. Although terms are different some university departments and unions accept each other’s exams and with that one can apply with the same YOS score for different departments and different universities. Note: you can check the website of each university for more info.

What do YOS questions consist of?
It consists of basic learning skills which is; mathematics, geometry, and symbolic expressions.

Basic learning skills questions is given in both Turkish and English.
The basic learning skills test scores measures candidate’s intangible thinking skill and based on these scores’ students get accepted. Based on this test’s type scores is measured and ranked and based on it they get accepted into either bachelors or associates degree departments. Some universities may include physics, chemistry, history, or geography questions in their exams.
Note: based on departments language there might be is an exemption exam for English or Turkish.

What is YOS exam’s requirements?

What is YOS exam’s requirements?
Candidates must be graduates or have one year left for their graduation from secondary school or an equivalent school. Students’ acceptance is completely based on the criteria that the university has determined. You can find all of the information regarding the 2021 YOS exam on the website of the university that you want to study in.


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  1. Does the yos questions differ on the career you are pursuing or is it one test from the university and you decide your career after?

    1. Hello, YÖS exam is generally standard. Mathematics and logic questions are asked, some universities also add English or Turkish language questions.

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  2. Is passing the YOS Exam mandatory for all Turkish Universities, and a student cannot apply/enrol without taking the exam?

    1. Hi, A few universities accept foreign students by their diploma. You should check university’s website which you want to study in.

      Are you satisfied with the answers we have given to your questions? Ata Institutional Consuntancy would like to know your feedback. Please leave a comment on our page.

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