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Doing homework can sometimes turn into a nightmare for students. At the same time, students working a job or doing different activities may not be able to allocate enough time for their homework. Sometimes we want to be sure of the content of our homework, but we can never be sure until our homework is checked. There is a website that comes to the rescue of students in just such cases:! Wouldn’t you like to get to know this student-friendly site better?

Chegg was designed to make students’ lives easier. Students registered here can get support with their homework, write a thesis, prepare for exams, and even buy textbooks at a more affordable price.

94% of users are satisfied

94% of Chegg customers say they get better grades when they use Chegg to understand their assignments.

Expert Question Answers


It’s easy to complete a task you couldn’t do with Chegg. If you can’t answer a question in your assignment, you don’t have to worry. You can take a picture of the problem and send it. An expert will send you an explanation shortly.

Find out what you don’t know


Thanks to the library of thousands of practice tests, there will be nothing you do not know! You can identify and compensate for knowledge gaps.

Pro writing feedback


Are you having trouble writing a thesis? Chegg will help you with this. After submitting the article you wrote, it will send you specific feedback within 48 hours. It will help you get rid of grammatical and plagiarism errors and enable you to suggest advanced writing.
You can submit 30 articles per month of up to 3000 words each.

happy young students studying together at college

This may be the best investment college students make in their careers. Get the features we listed and more by paying ₺129.99 per month. That’s about $6.5. You can click here to learn the details and to become a member.

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