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What is the Numbering Letter Requested by the Immigration Authority? How to Get it?

First of all, it should be known that those who will obtain a residence permit in Turkey for the first time must present a valid residence address. If these foreign nationals are to submit a rental contract to the immigration authority as an address document, a copy of the title deed of the house they rented and a numbering document to be obtained from the municipality are requested. Residence permit applications of foreigners who cannot present this document are rejected. In this article, we will provide a brief information about the numbering number given by the municipalities.

Foreigners who come to Turkey and intend to reside there longer than the visa period are required to obtain a residence permit. A passport and an address are required to obtain a residence permit. Foreigners who have entered Turkey legally do not have passport problems, but they need a valid title deed or rental contract to show a legal address. If a house is to be rented in Turkey and lived in that house, the person should ask the landlord for a copy of the title deed of the house to be rented and a numbering letter from the municipality before signing the contract with the landlord. If the owner does not want to give the copy of the title deed or the numbering letter, that house should not be rented. Otherwise, it is not possible to obtain a residence permit. At the same time, the rental contract signed with the landlord must also be approved in the presence of a notary public. If the person is going to show a house of his own as an address, he can get the numbering letter from the municipality and submit it to the immigration administration. If the person is going to stay with a friend during his stay in Turkey, the friend should give a notary public undertaking that the person will stay with him. If the person to be with him is single, he/she can give this recognisance alone. If the person married, the person should give it with his spouse.

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