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What is GBT Application in Turkey?

GBT application, which stands for “General Information Collection”, is generally defined as questioning the basic information of people. This practice is generally carried out by law enforcement in Turkey and is an application within the Ministry of Interior. As a result of GBT application, all legal decisions made by judicial authorities about individuals are seen. Offenses related to military service are also included in these decisions. With GBT, which is applied by a police officer in the form of identification in certain regions, basic information about the people and if any, criminal, search, etc. other legal situations can be seen by the security personnel. As a result of this inquiry, if any legal action is required, law enforcement can directly take this action.

How to Make GBT Inquiry?

The Judicial Registry Regulation forms the basis of the GBT application. General information collection is a data collection application carried out under the Ministry of Interior. This interrogation is carried out by law enforcement officers in accordance with the Ministry of Interior and their authorized superiors. The authority to make this GBT application, which is used to see personal data, is given to the police, gendarmerie and guard, who are among the security forces. The police, the gendarmerie or the guard stop people who arouse suspicion on the street, behave suspiciously, and comply with the description of the wanted person and request identification. The Republic of Turkey ID number written on the ID is written to the inquiry system by the relevant officer.

In the General Information Collection application system, the following information of the person can be accessed:

  • Name, surname, place and date of birth of the person being questioned,
  • If the person has been sentenced for a crime he has committed before or has been punished for this crime, information about it,
  • Search, capture, etc. about the person being questioned. If there is a decision, this information,
  • In case of desertion, this information is also seen in the interrogation.
  • If you have questions about GBT applications in Turkey, you can send them to us through the comments section.


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