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What is Ç-136 Restrict Code in Turkey?

First of all, it should be reminded that different visa and residence permit violations of foreigners in Turkey, activities contrary to public order, involvement in various crimes, etc. Restrict codes can be applied to their passports for reasons. Restric tcodes are removed with the disappearance of the behavior or violations subject to this application, and they have an informative and binding nature about foreigners. In this article, we will give a brief information about the Ç-136 restrict code.

If a foreigner is deported for any reason and they do not pay the travel expenses they have to pay at the time of his deportation and these payments are made by the Republic of Turkey, the restrict code Ç-136 is applied to the foreigner. If that person does not pay these costs afterwards, the entry ban remains and the restriction code remains fixed. If the foreigner wants to enter Turkey again, the foreigner can remove this restrict code by paying the necessary expenses.

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