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What is Blue-Plate Car for Foreigners in Turkey? How is it Applied?

Blue-plate car or Tax free car concept defines the cars who have owned by foreigners who have been residing in Turkey legally. The foreigners whose status is suitable for “Customs General Communiqué on Personal and Commercial Use Road Vehicles” regulations, they can have a car without VAT, SCT and custom taxes in Republic of Turkey. Generally, this system is also known as a foreign to foreign car among the people. This system means that foreigners in their own name and they have their own legally purchased in Turkey on condition that they may still get a blue plate no stranger to Turkish citizens. There is no legal obstacle in this regard.

Who can Drive Blue-Plate Car in Turkey?

Firstly, we want to remind that Turkish citizens or dual-Turkish citizens cannot benefit from this system. Foreigners who meet one of the following conditions can own a blue plate car.

  • Foreigners who are not Turkish citizens and have a legal work permit in Turkey. (As ATA Instutitional Consultancy, we offer high-quality work permit consultancy services for foreigners who want to work in Turkey legally.)
  • Turkish-origin people who don’t have Turkish citizenship,
  • Expatriates who leave their Turkish citizenship voluntarily and acquire a foreign citizenship and get blue card,
  • Foreign sportsmen who continue activities in Turkish clubs and federations.
  • Foreign academics, teachers and lecturers with work permits from the MEB and YÖK.
  • Foreign undergraduate, master and doctorate university students enrolled in a 4-year faculty in formal education.
  • Foreign national news and press staff of foreign media institutions.
  • Foreigners who retired from another country.
  • UN and NATO staff

The foreigners who meet the criteria above, they can drive their blue-plate cars that are exempt from excise tax and customs duties, and also they can buy and sell their cars to foreigners in Turkey.

Who cannot Purchase Blue-Plate Cars in Turkey?

As a rule, Turkish citizens cannot purchase blue-plate car and they cannot drive these cars legally in Turkey. Here are the conditions who cannot purchase blue-plate car in Turkey:

  • Dual citizens (one of them in Turkish citizen) and Turkish citizens,
  • Foreigners under 18 years old,
  • Foreigners who do not receive formal education at a university as registered,
  • Foreigners married to Turkish citizens,
  • Foreigners who have houses in Turkey,
  • Those who want to drive with power of attorney.

Security Deposit Exemptions of Blue-Plate Cars

As a rule, specific foreigners who have blue-plate cars in Turkey have to pay security deposit in the amount of VAT and SCT. Foreigners, who are entitled to purchase and use blue plate car, are required to deposit a “Security Guarantee Fee” which will be refunded if the vehicle is sold, abandoned to customs, taken abroad or transferred in the following years. This security deposit is paid to  “Turkish Touring Car Association“. In addition, the customs administration can confiscate blue-plate cars in cases such as using them outside of their intended use, being used by someone other than the owner or family, rented to another person, and incomplete/incorrect deposit of guarantees.

If you have any questions about blue-plate cars in Turkey, please send us in the comments section below.

Ata Kurumsal

Ata Institutional Consulting is a leading consultancy company in its field, with expert personnel, with 12 years of experience, providing residence permit, work permit, Turkish citizenship consultancy and corporate consultancy services to foreigners. Ata Instiutional Consultancy


  1. I am resident in Turkey. If I get a Mavi Plaka Ma_Mz registration for my foreign car, may I ever leave Turkey for short time driving that same car ? For example may I drive to Azerbaican for one month ?

  2. I am a Pakistani citizen residing in Turkiye with my family of 5.
    I am 58 now and my status is self employed and own a Turkish category B license. I have Masters in Commerce (Major: Finance) from Lahore, Pakistan.
    Can I acquire a blue plate car in Istanbul ? Please give detailed info.


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