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What is Annotated Visa? Who Can Apply? What Are The Documents Required For Application?

Especially as it has become one of the countries that foreigners frequently visit for tourism and investment purposes, Turkey has had to make various legal arrangements about foreigners in the recent period. Our team is frequently asked questions about visa violations, which is one of the most common situations, and deportation decisions based on various reasons. As a general rule, when a deportation decision is made on foreigners who have not been involved in any crime, these foreigners must pay the fine in cash when leaving the country. Foreigners who do not pay this fine are subject to a ban on entry to Turkey from 3 months to 5 years. Despite this penalty, those who have obtained a valid visa can legally return to Turkey without having to wait for the expiry of their prohibition period. In addition, if foreigners who violate a visa for up to 3 months (not including 3 months) exit spontaneously and pay the administrative fine before being detected by the competent authorities, no entry ban decision is made against them. In addition, if foreigners who violate a visa for more than 3 months pay the administrative fines within the period given to them, they are not faced with an entry ban to Turkey.

What is Annotated Visa and Who Can Apply?

Visas that include expressions such as treatment, family reunification, education, work, official duty, tourism in the purpose section of the visa labels are called legitimate visas. Annotated visa allows foreigners who are banned from entering Turkey to enter the country legally. If foreigners want to come to Turkey, they can apply for a valid visa to the Turkish consulates or embassies in their own country, provided that the reasons for their arrival are taken into account. However, in order to obtain a valid visa, it is mandatory to present a valid and documentable reason. Only in this way can a special purpose valid visa be obtained. For example, if you want to enter Turkey with a work permit, a work permit application must be made by your employer. The documents required for the application are in the form of an application form, a notary sworn translation of the foreigner’s passport, a biometric photograph and official documents documenting the valid visa reason (for example, a work permit application).

Removal of Deport with an Annotated Visa

Foreigners who violate a visa or residence permit during their stay in Turkey are also subject to a deportation decision and a fine. While those who leave by paying this fine are not banned from entering Turkey, foreigners who do not pay this fine are banned from entering the country for 3 months to 5 years. However, foreigners who present a valid and documentable reason after exiting can legally re-enter Turkey by obtaining a valid visa. In addition, foreigners are required to pay the fines incurred due to the violation upon entry into the country. While some deportation penalties can be lifted with a valid visa, some deportation penalties can only be lifted by a court decision.​ In addition, it should be noted that a legally regulated work permit application, etc. If the document does not represent a realistic situation, or more accurately, if the document was taken for false purposes, it is very likely that legal action will be taken against the foreigner.

What are the Documents Required for Application?

1- Documents Required for Work Visa

by the foreigner;

  • Employment Contract (signed by foreigner and employer),
  • Passport Copy (Translated by a sworn translator),
  • Diploma Copy (Translated by a sworn translator),
  • Reference letter, if applicable (translated by a sworn translator),
  • Copy of Valid Residence Permit for at least 6 months,
  • The original of the current work permit (for a work permit extension application),

By the employer;

  • The balance sheet and profit and loss statement of the institution for the previous year,
  • Turkish Trade Registry Gazette containing the current capital and shareholding structure of the organization,
  • Operating certificate,
  • Document that the company has no unpaid tax debts (can be requested in the application for a work permit extension)

2- Documents Required for Family Reunification Visa

  • The validity period of the passport of a foreign national who will apply for a visa must be at least 6 months.
  • Application form fully filled and signed by the visa applicant
  • 4 biometric photos taken within the last 6 months
  • Marriage certificate/ Family document (required from spouses)

3- Documents Required for Education Visa (Student Residence Permit)

  • Residence Permit Application Form
  • Original and photocopy of passport or substitute document
  • Four (4) photos
  • Statement that he/she has sufficient and regular financial means during his/her stay
  • Student certificate
  • If the person is under the age of 18; A letter of consent to be given by his mother/father or legal representative abroad, and a letter of undertaking to be given by real or legal persons in Turkey, provided that this is stated in the consent letter.
  • Valid health insurance

If you have questions about the annotated visa application, you can send them to us in the comments section.

Ata Kurumsal

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  1. Can I still get into the country, despite a 5-year ban, with annotated visa and pay the fine as well?
    Also is it possible for you to help me find out how much the fine is?

  2. Sir what is the very first step for getting Education visa?
    Very first step?

    1. Good day,

      First of all you should be enrolled at university and apply for education visa on basis of supportive documents to Turkish consulate of your home country

  3. hello,
    i just got a 5 year ban from turkey without even asked to pay the fine and the visa violation office didn’t even explain to me the reason and i would need to come back to collect my diploma before the 5years and usually don’t need to have a visa to enter turkey just visa on arrival and would like to know what can i do in this case.
    please urgently help here.

  4. hello my student resident permit has been revoked and given a 3 months entry ban upon exit but i failed to pay the fine at the airport as i had no cash at the time. i want to come back as a student again any chance of me getting a visa?

  5. Hi
    I was a refugee seeker in turkey then I canceled that.
    I am banned for 5 year’s ,3 years pasted right now.
    But I want to go to turkey and visit the family.
    What should I do now ?

  6. Assalamo Alikom,

    My son received 3 months ban at the airport during his exit from Turkey as he couldn’t renew his stay permit and stayed for more than 3 months without a permit. He is an Egyptian student at Sakarya University and he couldn’t renew his stay permit. So, in the airport, while he was back to Saudi Arabia, he has been asked to pay a fine of 450TL and also banned for 3 months.
    The ban ends on 5th November 2022 while the University starts on 1st of October 2022. Is it possible to apply for a student visa during the ban period and then enter Turkey to start his study on time?
    He has all the supporting documents to prove he is a current student at Sakarya University.
    Many thanks

      1. Hello,
        I can help you if you ask your question more clearly. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Hello,

    I have got a 5-year ban, previously i had a student residency permit which i violated, then i got a 5-year ban. So now i want to enter turkey with a student visa again before the 5-year ban ends. Should i apply the annotated visa or what should I do to enter before the ban.

    Thank you

  8. Hi, I was given 3 months ban but when I got back to my home country I try to get e-visa online and was given one. Although I still have 2 months to go from the ban end but have e-visa, can I enter Turkey?

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