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What are the Work Permit Requirements for Foreign Student?

Student Work Permit Requirements in Turkey

Attention: Associate and undergraduate students cannot get a work permit even if they find a job when they finish their school if they receive a scholarship from the state while studying in Turkey. This does not apply to graduate, master and doctoral students.

Foreigners who come to Turkey for educational purposes must obtain a work permit in order to be able to work in any job while continuing their education. In order for international students to work in Turkey, they are required to continue their master’s, master’s or doctoral studies. Associate and undergraduate students cannot get a work permit even if they find a job in Turkey.

The work permit period of foreign students is determined according to the residence permit in Turkey. Students who have not renewed their residence permit are not granted a work permit. However, students who are found to be working illegally in a workplace are sanctioned. Students who work as workers/interns in private companies without a work or internship permit can be deported by confiscating their passports.

Student Work Permit Conditions

  1. During the work permit application process of foreign students, it is obligatory that their residence permit is ongoing.
  2. In order for international students to get a work permit, they must be over the age of 18 and studying for a master’s degree, master’s or doctorate in a higher education institution in Turkey.
  3. There is no restriction on the duration of study or the year of starting to work for graduate and doctoral students studying in Turkey. The working conditions of master’s and doctoral students are in the same scope as other foreign nationals.
  4. Master’s or doctoral students can work at the institutes where they are educated without limitation of time, profession or field of work.
  5. Foreign students who have come to Turkey through student exchange programs do not need a work permit in order to do internships in private or public institutions and organizations. Students who do paid or unpaid internships need to obtain a residence permit in order to work in Turkey.
  6. Persons holding a diplomatic visa or work visa and their relatives can do internships without obtaining a work permit if there is a compulsory internship in the educational institutions where they study.
  7. Students coming from Turkey outside of student exchange programs must obtain a work permit in order to be able to do internships in order to provide professional experience or economic income in any workplace, except for compulsory internship applications. Foreign students who will do internship under these conditions can be employed in the status of worker/insured.

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Documents Required for International Students to Work in Turkey

Students who study in Turkey and meet the requirements for obtaining a work permit must apply for a work permit through private or public institutions and organizations. In order to apply for a work permit, an application must be made to the Ministry of Labor. It is important for international students to apply to consulting companies in order to speed up the process of obtaining a residence permit or work permit in Turkey. Through consultancy firms, obtaining a residence permit or obtaining a work permit with renewal and renewal can be completed quickly and without any problems. In case of missing or inaccurate documents for students who will apply for a work permit, the process of obtaining permission may take months. Foreign nationals who want to obtain a residence or work permit apply through consultant companies, which both accelerates the process and prevents the problems that may occur during the application process.



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