Promising Professions in Turkey for Foreign Students

With its developing industry day by, increasing efficiency in World politics and soaring investments every passing day, Turkey is a country signing its name on big success.

This situation paves the way emergence of new working areas and need for employee to work on these areas. Maintaining employment for these profession whose importance will  increase more in near future, receiving education to head for these professions by youth become significant each passing day.

In Turkey where trained qualified personnel requirement will go up more in next few years, foreign students also get the chance to take their places in these professions.

Here promising professions in Turkey for foreign students…

Technology Sector and Information Systems

As is the case with all World, investment sector in Turkey will shape on technology, innovation and innovative systems. Considering R&D studies are extensive today, it is possible to say that   need for human who will work in this field has increased swiftly and   will continue to increase.

Nanotechnology, new generation nuclear fuels and Technologies and genetic and biotechnology as well as information sector seems to generate a good job opportunity both Turkish youth and the foreign students who study in Turkey.

We recommend to the youth who plan to shape their future in Turkey that they also consider these areas too.

Natural Resources and Energy

Natural resources and new generation energies which have important share  for taking a shape of the World grows and creates new job opportunities every passing day in Turkey as such in the World.

There exist some predictions about that energy consumption in Turkey will be twofold higher than World average in short time. It seems that energy sector will constitute the   basic values to identify growth and welfare in next 10 years.

It is planned that Turkey will do  investment of 130 billion Dollars in natural resources and energy field in forthcoming process. This investment will create a large employment in addition to provide possibility to make career for persons who continuously develop themselves. For those who want to develop themselves in this area, many graduate study and doctorate study possibility are also available.

Automotive Sector

One of the most developing and fastest rising sectors in recent years is automotive sector. In Turkey in which a great deal of automotive firms direct their investments and produce their many spare parts in factories found in country takes place among leading countries of this sector in Turkey.

Domestic vehicle manufacturing projects to which large investments have been made in last period particularly points out how bright the sector’s future is.

It is likely to say that automotive sector considered in economic crisis over the short term will become one of the most leading industry areas of Turkey over the lung turn.   It is very clear that the investments realized and continue to realize in this field will create totally new employment areas.

Turkey having   both intermediate staff and technical personnel need in this sector provides quite bright future for many foreign young.

Textile Sector

Even though China have a voice in World market, Turkey is at strong position in ready garment and textile sector.

Textile sector is one of the most significant weapons of Turkey due to its work quality, delivery times and answering special claims, etc. Even though recession is experienced in markets as a result of fast fluctuations of exchange rates, it seems to return its former good days in the long term

Defence Technologies

Although the biggest share in defence sector belongs to USA where 1,3 trillion Dollars is spent annually, thanks to the institutions like Aselsan, Havelsan, Roketsan and Kale Savunma Sanayi, etc.  which are on the rise in recent periods, Turkey manufactures 45% of its weapon need.

The firms such as Alp Havacılık, TEI and TAİ, etc. are important domestic initiatives which produces part to aircraft, helicopter and aviation industry.

Logistics Sector

Along with making reforms to revive market in recent periods and procurement of tax incentives, pretty progress has been recorded in logistics field. It is predicted that logistic sector having 17 billion dollars trade volume currently will reach 40 billion Dollars in 3 years.

When it is also considered that Turkey is located on key transport ways, logistics is counted as one of the most promising sectors both Turkish students and foreign students.


In the health sector having huge budget of 50 billion Dollars, it is waited to experience a great momentum in forthcoming years particularly. Opening of private hospitals, foundation of health facilities and clinics will create many new job and employment area. For the young who seek to make a career in these areas, Turkey provides quite developed opportunities.

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