Wax Museum, Eskisehir

Eskisehir Wax Sculptures Museum

The cultural facility, whose official name is “Yilmaz Büyükersen Eskisehir Wax Sculptures Museum”, opened its doors in 2013. The museum features life-size sculptures of celebrities from the world of art and television, especially those who play a key role in Turkish politics. history is displayed. Most of the sculptures that adorn the exhibition areas of the facility and attract great attention especially during the holidays were made by Büyükersen. In the following period, the collection of the museum expanded significantly with the contributions of Yilmaz Büyükersen’s students. Currently, there are 160 sculptures in the museum.

Yilmaz Büyükersen and his students use beeswax while shaping the sculptures, as it makes it easier to achieve a realistic look. In fact, thanks to the technique they used and the successful results they achieved, the museum soon became known as the first example of the world-famous Madame Tussauds in Turkey.

mustafa kemal atatürk

The story of the emergence of the Wax Museum, whose revenues are used for the education of girls and disabled children, is actually based on the sculptures of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk bearing the signature of Büyükersen.

Eskisehir Wax Sculptures Museum

The mayor, who brought Eskisehir a contemporary city profile; After these wonderful works exhibited in Anitkabir, Samsun, Inebolu, Izmir and military schools, he took his students with him and turned to completely different projects. Thus, the unique collection of the museum appeared today.

Where is Eskisehir Wax Museum and How to Go?

Yılmaz Büyükersen Wax Sculpture Museum operates at the address “Atatürk Bulvarı No:43 Odunpazarı / Eskisehir”. The cultural facility located in Odunpazarı, which has become one of the most important attractions of the city after the extensive renovation works of the Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality, welcomes its guests just below the Contemporary Glass Arts Museum.

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Due to its location, the museum is also very generous in reflecting the historical atmosphere of the region and the characteristics of its civil architecture. Albert Einstein Yılmaz Büyükersen Wax Sculptures Museum Its central location makes it very easy to reach Wax Museum. If you are planning to go from the city center to the area where the museum is located, you can first choose the tram. After getting on the trams going in the direction of the bus station, you can get off at the Atatürk High School stop and walk to the museum in less than 5 minutes. By the way, it takes 15-20 minutes to walk from the Odunpazarı district, where the museum is located, to the train station.

Taking a taxi from the city center to Odunpazarı, where the Wax Museum is located, stands out as another transportation method you can prefer. You can easily reach the museum in 10 to 20 minutes by taxis, which offer comfortable and fast travel opportunities for travelers. Beyaz Eskisehir Yılmaz Büyükersen Museum If you plan to go to the museum with your own vehicle, you can feel comfortable finding a parking space. Because there are many options in the region in this regard. If you wish, you can park your car on Atatürk Boulevard. Alternatively, you can use the car park next to Kursunlu Mosque and Complex, one of the most beautiful buildings that can be added to the list of places to visit in Eskisehir.

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Eskisehir Wax Museum Sections

The valuable collection of the Wax Museum is divided into five different categories. Therefore, a traveler who wants to closely examine all the wax sculptures exhibited in the museum should see all the exhibition halls from A to E. Of course, during this tour, visitors are expected to be careful in some matters and to follow the rules. In addition, some areas require an extra fee for photography. In the first exhibition hall of the museum, there are sculptures depicting important figures of Turkish history. Actually, this hall is divided into two different sections in itself. Kurtulus Wax Museum In the first episode called “Liberation”, wax statues of the names who played a leading role in the foundation of the Turkish Republic and the independence of the Anatolian people welcome you. When you turn right, you can see the statues of the Ottoman sultans closely.

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Atatürk and His Family Eskisehir Yılmaz Büyükersen Wax Sculptures Museum After that, it’s time for the section called “Atatürk and His Family”. There are works that reflect different periods in the life of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Cumhuriyet Wax Museum Finally, you can spare time for the “Republic” section in the first exhibition hall at the entrance of the museum. In this way, you can find the opportunity to examine the sculptures that are exact copies of politicians and artists who have left their mark on the last period.

Eskisehir Wax Museum Visiting Hours

You can visit Yilmaz Büyükersen Wax Sculpture Museum six days a week except Mondays. The museum opens its doors to visitors between 10:00-17:00 on weekdays. On weekends, the museum closes at 18:00. In this way, travelers who come to Eskisehir for a weekend getaway can spend more time in the museum. It is more ideal for those who want to take photos early in the week.

Eskisehir Wax Sculptures Museum

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