Usage Areas Of Registered E-Mail (KEP)

The concept of registered e-mail which is known as KEP in Turkey has started to be obligatory in many legal transactions. KEP is a system that allows formal correspondence to be made in electronic environment in accordance with the legislation, in international standards and technically safe. The standard e-mail (SEP) has become one of the most widely used communication tools and channels in the world because of the widespread use of the Internet, the easy transmission of all kinds of information and documents and low cost. Communication with the SEP is not legally valid as it is not considered to be safe and the transmission cannot be fully established and is a form of communication that can be denied. On electronic media, which reduces costs, enables to be efficient and fast; There is a need for reliable, undeniable communication with legal validity. In this respect, “Registered Electronic Mail” is accepted as a legally valid, reliable, undeniable and profable way of communication.

The concept of KEP; any notification made in electronic form; citation, notice, application, petition, correspondence between the commercial parties, tender, tender, sharing of the contract documents, companies, declarations, invoices, extracts, instructions such as shipments, meetings of corporations, such as meeting a lot of different content, the message reached. Finally, we can say the main usage areas of KEP are listed below :

  • With the KEP system, all kinds of official, private and commercial documents or papers, institutions and individuals can be sent and received electronically between the parties.
  • All kinds of correspondence, document sharing, contract, notification, warning / notification, e-invoice, telephone call dumps, bank instructions, credit card statement submissions, orders, tender offers, e-commerce transactions it will be used in countless areas.
  • If requested by users, secure communication and electronic documents in a secure environment by ensuring the confidentiality of communication will be possible with the value added services provided by KEP.

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