What is Financial Seal? How to Use it?

The Financial Seal is an electronic certificate infrastructure prepared by Tübitak-Public SM for the Presidency within the framework of the General Communiqué of Tax Procedure Law No. 397. That is the electronic state of the firm seal. The financial seal is delivered to you by Tübitak and has the appearance of a USB device. It replaces the electronic stamp. In this sense, it can also be called a corporate e-signature. If you are a legal firm and would like to be an electronic bill user, you must apply for a financial seal. You can obtain the financial seal by filling out the application form via the web page of Kamu SM and forwarding the financial seal to Tübitak. Then you use this seal in order to identify your company in the electronic invoice application stage. In this way, the information of your institution will be verified.

I would like to share a little warning here; The financial seal needs to be renewed every 3 years. In addition, in case of the change of the title of the company, the financial seal obtained from the former title shall be invalid. For this reason, you must apply for a financial seal again with the new title.

I mentioned the e-signature and the financial seal are separate things. The most important difference of the e-signature from the financial seal is the substitution to the person instead of the firm. The e-signature replaces the person’s wet signature

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