What Are The Advantages Of E-Signature?

An electronic signature or digital signature is electronic data that has been added to another electronic data or has a logical connection with electronic data and is used for authentication purposes. Also known as e-signature. It is a legal authentication system that can be used in electronic environments instead of signatures. According to Law No. 5070, e-signature is equivalent to wet signature. Signing process is performed by using certificates issued by organizations authorized to distribute e-signature certificates. Our company is one of the authorized foundations in Turkey to provide e-signature for your legal processes.

E-signature, also known as electronic signature, is one of the best electronic products in recent years. This application was first used in certain areas, but now it is used in many units in both private and public spheres. This system, which can be used by attaching to computer products, ensures that the person’s wet signature is disposed of in an electronic environment. This device, similar to the USB devices used in computers, authenticates to see who is doing the operation on the computer. E-signature operation system is made through numeric codes, but the person who is given the electronic signature application is registered in the e-signature and ensures that it performs the transactions smoothly and gives information about who belongs to each kind of computer output.

We can list the main advantages of e-signature as :

  • Electronic signature, in any way that people process on the computer to print out the document and wet signature on it, and then taken to the relevant unit, such as the time loss is eliminated.
  • E-signature documents prepared without e-signature can be sent to the appropriate location on the system by sending the steps later.
  • In addition, if you are working as an international company and you want to sign a document with the company you are negotiating with, you can provide it through the computer which is one of the benefits of e-signature.
  • In short, e-signature provides people with speed, time and safety.

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