What is E-Invoice?

The concept of e-invoice has become so important at the last years. E-Invoice is an invoice type, prepared electronically. It is transmitted to the buyer and seller through the servers of the Ministry of Finance. It is also not printed on paper. The deadlines, cancellations or refunds vary according to the paper invoice.

Advantages of E-Invoice

  • E-Invoice reduces your operational load while providing a cost advantage.
  • With E-Invoice, you can prepare your bills faster. Thus, you save on staff time.
  • Your customers can see your invoices instantly. Your invoice will never be lost.
  • You can reach your old bills very easily at any time. You won’t get lost in the files. Your invoices are archived on digital media. You also get rid of the cost and cost of storing the invoice.
  • You can integrate it with your accounting system.
  • It is easier to reconcile with customers and sellers.
  • Reduce paper consumption by e-invoice and contribute environment.
  • In the near future, all companies will have to switch to e-invoice. For this reason, it is useful to enter the system early.

Do I Have to Use E-Invoice?

Generally, many businesses are not required to switch to e-invoice. However, if you don’t have to switch to e-invoice, you can optionally switch to e-invoice to take advantage of the e-Invoice. You cannot send e-invoice without registering to e-invoice system. If you are a small business, it’s not obligatory to use e-invoice for you. But, if you meet the conditions, you must register to the e-invoice system. After completing your e-invoice application, you will be ready to organize e-invoice for your customers who is registered to e-invoice system.

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