USA Unveils New Stealth Plane

The USA unveiled the new generation fighter aircraft B-21 Raider, which it has been developing secretly for a long time. The strategically important B-21 Raider stands out as the world’s first 6th generation bomber.

The United States (USA) introduced its new stealth bomber.

The B-21 Raider was launched in California.

Developed in 7 years, the aircraft can carry both conventional and nuclear bombs.

Stealth Plane


Speaking at the ceremony, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the following about the technological superiority of the aircraft:

“This aircraft uses 50 years of development and low vision technology. Even the world’s most advanced air defense systems will have a hard time detecting the B-21 in the sky.”,

Stealth Plane

The B-21 was the first new bomber developed by the United States in over 30 years.

The fighter jet is expected to form the backbone of the US Air Force in the future.

Stealth Plane


Currently, only 6 aircraft are known to be in production.

Stealth Plane

However, the US Air Force plans to purchase at least 100 B-21 Akıncı.

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