Unrivaled iPhone Feature Coming to Android!

Unrivaled iPhone Feature Coming to Android!

Compared to Android phones, iPhones have a unique feature: Satellite connection! Google has taken action for this feature, which is not yet available in our country.

Apple’s introduction of satellite connectivity for emergencies with the iPhone 14 models has been one of the turning points in the smartphone industry. If you are on the road with your car at a point where there is no signal or if you are in trouble, you can connect to the satellite and ask for help.

Android phone manufacturers took action after this feature, which is not yet active in our country. Samsung, which plans to offer this feature in Galaxy S23 models, did not include satellite connection in the recently released Galaxy S24 series.

Google Pixel 9 Will Have Satellite Connection!

While manufacturers like Samsung continue their work, Google, the developer of Android, has already taken action. According to new information, Pixel 9 and Pixel Fold models will offer users satellite connectivity for emergencies.

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Google plans to work with T-Mobile for this service in the first place, while negotiations with other providers are ongoing. “What about T-Mobile? You say satellite connection, but you’re talking about a GSM operator”, but T-Mobile and SpaceX agreed on satellite communication more than a year ago.

As with Apple phones, Google Pixel phones will ask the user some questions when sending an emergency request via satellite. The number of people, whether they are breathing if injured, weapon and vehicle status are just a few of these questions.

Of course, the satellite connection is costly and Garmin charges $15 per month. Apple, on the other hand, does not charge iPhone users anything for this and covers the costs itself. We will see what Google will do.

It is worth noting that there are several Chinese manufacturers that promise this feature. However, only Huawei’s satellite connectivity is only available in China. Fortunately, Google’s rollout of this feature on its own phones will accelerate the proliferation of Android phones with satellite connectivity.

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