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Universities in Afghanistan Start Education Without Female Students

Universities in Afghanistan start education without female students

The universities in Afghanistan, which were suspended due to the winter months, started a new education period without female students.

Universities across Afghanistan, where classes were interrupted due to the winter months, started a new education period without female students. In the statement made by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Taliban interim government, it was announced that all universities have started education from today. Thus, in December, after the Taliban interim government banned female students from studying at universities. Universities across the country opened their doors for the first time without female students.

Universities in Afghanistan

Since the morning hours, male students of the universities took their places in the classrooms. Small groups of girls gathered in front of the campus were not allowed in. Kabul University students reported to Anadolu Agency (AA) that there was a serious shrinkage in the opportunities of universities after the Taliban, and that girls should be educated in universities. Students who have just started university also experienced the first excitement of higher education.

Universities in Afghanistan

“All our desires are gone”

Kabul University Psychology 3rd year student Lime Süheyl said that she wanted to increase the visibility of female students because she knew that she would not be admitted to the campus, so she waited in front of the entrance with her two friends. Stating that he started his university education with high hopes, Süheyl said, “All our desires disappeared. We disappeared from society. We do not exist. Nobody cares who we are, whether we have goals and aspirations. It is bad and disappointing that men come here and we are not allowed.” Law and Political Science student Petun Kadiri stated that there are no classes today, but he received information about educational materials. Stating that he has just started university this year, Kadiri said, “I don’t know what has changed in universities since last year. We hear a lot of negative things, but we make good use of the opportunities we have and evaluate high school. I aim to get a grade.” aforementioned.

Restrictions in education and working life

With the Taliban’s coming to the administration of Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, serious restrictions were imposed on the work of women and the education of girls. Last December, girls were prevented from receiving education in secondary schools, high schools and universities. Also in December, the employment of Afghan women in domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations was suspended. While Afghan women were “obligated to cover”, women were also prohibited from entering social areas such as gymnasiums, parks and gardens. There has been no improvement in restrictions on women so far, although officials say the bans are “temporary”.

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