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Angelina Jolie Talks To Bibi Aisha, Whose Nose Was Cut Off

Angelina Jolie Talks To Bibi Aisha, Whose Nose Was Cut Off

Bibi Aisha, whose nose and ears were cut off by her husband, a Taliban fighter, made a lot of noise when she was on the cover of Time magazine in 2010. Famous actress Angelina Jolie had joined the magazine as a guest editor and had asked Bibi Aisha. to tell her story.

Angelina Jolie did her new interview as a guest editor with Afghan Bibi Aisha, who was featured on the shocking 2010 cover of Time magazine.

The American actress made a video call with the young woman who lifted the curtain on many women in Afghanistan.

Bibi Aisha, 30, told the 47-year-old Oscar-winning woman how she overcame the horrific wound her husband received in her Taliban-ruled country.

She reported that when Aisha was 14, her father forced her to marry a Taliban fighter.


Aisha started living with a Taliban fighter who abused her as a little girl and forced her to sleep in a barn with the animals. When she wanted to escape, her husband punished her by cutting off her nose and ears.

Explaining that she was tortured not only by her husband but also by her husband’s family, Aisha said, “They attacked me every day. I had no right to that.”


In 2010, he was on the cover of Time magazine with an open wound instead of the nose in the middle of his face, and made headlines in the international press.
Explaining to Angelina Jolie that she has been on the operating table 31 times since then, Aisha said that her dream is to help people as a nurse.

Bibi Aisha

In the interview, Aisha told her tragic story and how she was mutilated by her husband and other Taliban members after her failed escape attempt.

Ayşe explained her experiences as follows:

“My so-called husband came and took me to the mountain. He tied my hands and feet. First he cut off my ear, then my other ear, then my nose. Then he said to me, ‘I don’t care.’ I want to leave you here to die.'”

Despite being left to die in the mountains, Aisha survived and was eventually taken to an American military base for treatment. Aisha said, “I stayed in the shelter for 9 months. I didn’t understand what happened to me. Suddenly, Time magazine came and took my picture. The doors opened for me.”

Bibi Aisha


Against what Aisha told, Angelina Jolie’s comment was:

“Of course it caused outrage, because people saw what was done. Now, years later, we see that it was the head of the country who hurt you. Then we know that everything we learned, everything we got angry with happened every year. day.”

Bibi Aisha

This interview came after Angelina Jolie’s visit to Iraq. The famous actress shared a few photos from the war-ravaged country on her Instagram page at the beginning of last month.

Bibi Aisha

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