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Elon Musk Wants to Build a Super Computer: The reason is quite surprising!

Elon Musk Wants to Build a Super Computer: The reason is quite surprising!

Elon Musk revealed his plans for his artificial intelligence startup xAI to build a supercomputer to power Grok Here are the details!

In a startling announcement to investors this month, Elon Musk said his artificial intelligence startup xAI plans to build a massive supercomputer that will power a more advanced version of the Grok chatbot by the fall of 2025. This new super brain is expected to dramatically increase Grok’s ability to process and understand information, taking it to the next level in the world of artificial intelligence.

What Will the Supercomputer Provide for Grok?

Musk’s supercomputer is called the “Gigafactory of Compute”. In addition, Musk, who previously said that at least 100,000 chips are needed for the third version of Grok, stated that the construction of the giant computer will cost billions of dollars.

Musk also told investors at the presentation that the planned GPU cluster will be at least four times the size of those used by xAI competitors today. This is a clear indication that Grok will make a significant difference in the field of artificial intelligence and leave its competitors behind.

Grok, the artificial intelligence chatbot, reached a new level with version 1.5 released in April. It can now process visual information such as photos and diagrams as well as text.

Not only that, but earlier this month Grok started offering AI-generated news summaries for premium users. This feature allowed users to quickly and easily follow news relevant to their interests.

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