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Apple Employees Are Preparing to Strike: Why?

Apple Employees Are Preparing to Strike: Why?

Technology giant Apple faced a strike threat by one of its stores that went to unionize in 2022. Here are the details!

Apple, which has always been a leader in the technology sector with the devices it produces, has faced a problem it has not experienced until today. Employees at the company’s Towson store said they would strike. While Apple said that it values its employees, the union side stated that they still could not find common ground.

It is a matter of curiosity whether the union, which sent a clear message to Apple, will agree with Apple during the negotiation process. So why did the technology giant Apple face such a situation?

Apple Employees

Employees at Apple’s Towson Store to Strike!

The Towson store, located in a shopping center in Baltimore, went to unionize in 2022 with 100 employees. If the unanimous strike is finalized, Towson will go down in history as Apple’s first striking store.

“We deeply value our team members and are proud to offer them industry-leading wages and exceptional benefits,” Apple said in a statement. As always, we will communicate respectfully and in good faith with the union representing our team in Towson.”

The Apple brand has been repeatedly warned by the union that it does not value workers’ rights and abuses them, and the US government has taken several decisions against Apple in court. Apple and the IAM CORE union will sit down at the negotiating table on May 21st and we will see if the union and the employees will have what they want.

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