Did CNN Report That The Same Person Died In Both Afghanistan And Ukraine?

In a post shared on a Twitter account on February 27, 2022, it was claimed that CNN had broadcast a story that showed the same person “as if he were dead” in both Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Did CNN Post Like The Same Person Died Twice?

The claim in question was shared by CNN with a photo of the same man and a screenshot of two separate posts. Allegedly, in CNN’s social media posts on different dates, an American was killed by the Taliban for the first time in Afghanistan; Then he was presented as dead in Ukraine. Both posts show the same photograph of a man they identify as “Bernie Gores”, one dated August 16, 2021, claiming to be a journalist killed in Afghanistan, and the other February 23, 2022, claiming to be an activist killed in Ukraine. . It is possible to see many examples of social media posts sharing these screenshots both in Turkey and around the world.
When the name “Bernie Gores”, which is mentioned in the allegations, is searched on CNN’s website, we do not come up with any results. Also, CNN’s head of strategic communications, Matt Dornic, told Reuters the email posts were fiction. Dornic states that his social media posts and stories are fake and that CNN did not make any of these stories. The shares shown in the screenshots are made from fake accounts, not CNN’s official accounts.

Also, the photo of the man in the screenshots is from a YouTuber named Jordie Jordan who is still posting the video on February 27, 2022.

Similar claims have been previously denied by confirmation platforms such as Full Fact, Snopes, Reuters and PolitiFact.

claim FALSE

In a post on a Twitter account, it was claimed that CNN published a story that showed the same person “looking dead” in both Afghanistan and Ukraine. However, CNN’s head of strategic communications, Matt Dornic, made a statement stating that they had not published either news before. In addition, the person in the screenshots is a person named Jordie Jordan, who broadcasts on YouTube.

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