Two-Handed Mechanical Keyboard: Grab Shell

We see different keyboard designs, but the Grab Shell has a ambidextrous flap system that folds back. Technology takes shape according to the needs of users. Designed to differ from the keyboard designs that make it dependent on the table, Grab Shell provides more space to its user due to its design.

This mechanical keyboard, which can be easily grasped with both hands, has a double-wing system that folds backwards due to its structure. In this way, all keys can be accessed.


This design structure, which allows full access to the keys on the front and back, is actually not new, but what Grab Shell does differently is that it has fully customizable keys in addition to the QWERTY layout. The keyboard, which can be handled like a gamepad, can be used by laying it on the table if desired. The mouse wheel is added to the middle of the product, and there is no need to use extra accessories on the keyboard. It may not be easy to type with this device, which weighs 950 grams, because it may take time to learn the arrangement of the keys and get used to this grip system.

The developers designed this device for those who want freedom of movement while working, rather than a more ergonomic alternative.

The device is currently available for pre-order for $299.


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