Two 1800-Year-Old Inscriptions Found in Nysa Ancient City!

Two more 1800-year-old inscriptions, approximately 1.5 meters high, were found in the ancient city of Nysa in the Sultanhisar district of Aydin. Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Umut Tuncer, who stated that the history of the Nysa Ancient City was illuminated with the inscriptions found, emphasized that this is of great importance for the world of archeology.

In the Ancient City of Nysa, Assoc. Dr. In the ongoing excavations under the direction of Serdar Hakan Oztaner, M.S. Inscriptions, which are considered to belong to the Roman period in the 2nd century, and weighing 2 tons each, were found. It was stated that the inscriptions were arranged to honor the benefactors and notables of the city who contributed to the construction of the Colonnaded Street in the Roman period. Nysa Ancient City Excavation Head Assoc. Dr. Serdar Hakan Oztaner stated that 12 inscriptions have been found on the Colonnaded Street so far and said that the inscriptions found shed light on the history of the ancient city of Nysa.


Head of Excavation Assoc. Serdar Hakan Öztaner stated that the inscriptions are about 1800 years old and said, “Excavations continue on the Colonnaded Street, which is known as the main street of the ancient city of Nysa. This highly decorated Colonnaded Street with a marble coating of 9.5 meters passing through the eastern and western parts was built in the Roman period A.D. In the 2nd century, it became the main battery of the city.

Many inscriptions were found during the excavations we carried out on this street. These inscriptions are important to our understanding of Nysa history, most of them are honorific. It was written to important people who served the city. In the last inscription we found, statues were erected because he gave wheat to the city. This year’s excavations revealed two honorific inscriptions. On this occasion, we have reached important findings and inscriptions.”


Aydin Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Umut Tuncer said in a statement on the subject:
“The excavations of the ancient city of Nysa are spread over an area of ​​approximately 220 hectares. The excavations have been going on for 12 years. The heart of Nysa has been touched by the works carried out in the last 2 years. The inscriptions found here showed that we have illuminated the history of the city. It is a very important place from a scientific point of view. It is also a tourism destination. “The unique boutique atmosphere of Sutunlu Cadde reflects a much more serious climatic atmosphere than you can find and see in any other ancient city. I think that in the coming years, especially Sutunlu Cadde will be an important actor in the tourism sector.”

Nysa Ancient City

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