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Turkey’s most edgy cities revealed

Turkey’s most edgy cities revealed

Turkey’s most angry cities have been revealed. The province among the most angry cities determined by an online survey was surprising. Here are the most angry cities in Turkey…

A new survey has revealed Turkey’s most frustrated provinces.

According to the results of the survey conducted on an internet platform with 22 thousand participants, factors such as heavy traffic in metropolitan cities, crowded population and time losses caused by distances make city dwellers more stressed compared to other regions.

However, the results of the survey show that in addition to the challenges of city life, regional factors and living conditions can also have a greater impact on people’s moods.

Participants were asked 15 questions in the survey. The results of the survey are as follows:

Izmir: 29 percent

Balıkesir: 30 percent

Canakkale: 43 percent

Aydin: 50 percent

most edgy cities

Ankara: 52 percent

most edgy cities

Hatay: 53 percent

most edgy cities

Eskisehir: 56 percent

most edgy cities

Samsun: 60 percent

most edgy cities

Sivas: 64 percent

most edgy cities

Turkey’s most edgy cities revealed Source

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