Turkey’s Satellite Number Has Become 8

With the commissioning of Türksat 5B, the number of satellites in Turkey increased to 8. With the launch of Türksat 6A and İMECE, which will be produced locally and nationally, this number will increase to 10.
Türksat 5B satellite, which was launched into space at the end of last year, was put into service with the program attended by President Erdogan.

With Türksat 5B, internet speed will increase 15 times in places where satellite internet service is provided.

In regions with low-speed GSM coverage areas, access to 5G communication speed will be provided.

Türksat 5B will provide communication support to areas where GSM signals cannot reach in rural and mountainous areas. Türksat 5B will be operational in order to ensure communication even in times of disaster when GSM networks are not working.

Türksat 5B will also contribute to education. The scope of satellite internet service provided to nearly 2,000 rural schools will expand. More schools will be offered faster internet.

When Turkey sent its first satellite Türksat 1B into space, the calendars showed 10 August 1994. Then, Türksat 3A, Türksat 4A and Türksat 4B satellites took their place in space.

Next are new domestic and national satellites

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the domestic and national surveillance satellite İMECE, developed by Turkish engineers, will be launched in January 2023, and Türksat 6A will be launched into space in the middle of 2023, thus increasing the number of satellites in space to 10.

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