TikTok and Meta Are On The Agenda Again With Child Abuse

TikTok and Meta Are On The Agenda Again With Child Abuse

A group of parents calling themselves “Parents Action Together” accused TikTok and Meta of failing to prevent child abuse. Details are here!

Whether or not social media should be opened to children is one of the most debated issues today. The dangerous content called “stream”, which started in the past and resulted in the death of some people, was not blocked by social media platforms for a long time.

With the increasing pressure, social media platforms have taken strict measures against such content. But that issue has yet to be resolved, according to the Parents Together Action group, which sent an open letter to ByteDance, owner of Meta and TikTok, today.

Two giant social media companies were accused of not correcting their algorithms to protect children, and of allowing suicidal sharing and trends.

“You Prefer Your Profit, Shareholders and Company to Child Health!”

In the open letter published, the group made major accusations against both companies and stated that children face dangers such as cyberbullying, sexual abuse, incitement to suicide, drug-like addictions and eating disorders that will pose serious problems for children’s health. on social media

TikTok and Meta

It was also said that companies prefer their shareholders, profits and company sustainability to child health.

Meta and TikTok, which have recently introduced strict rules on children’s internet safety, are still criticized despite these moves. Allegedly, the decisions taken by the companies are just eyewash and public relations moves.

Parents, who are not convinced by the statements made by the companies, cite the trends that continue to spread on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and carry the risk of death or eating disorders.

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