Things to Know by Foreigners While Entering to Turkey

As you know, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the whole world and for about 9 months, countries have been obliged to take important measures in foreign entry and exit. Within the scope of these precautions, many countries first decided to stop their international flights. In the ongoing process, the epidemic started to be taken under control as the summer season entered, and in this direction, some countries decided to restart international flights. With the participation of more countries, the number of international flights started to increase day by day. Despite the weakening of travel restrictions, many health measures and individual protective practices to reduce the risk of contamination have been put forward at airports and airplanes.

Actual Conditions on International Travel Restrictions

While the European Union countries, which suffered severe injuries and suffered great losses during the pandemic period, have difficulty in controlling the coronavirus epidemic, they are having difficulty in taking steps to soften the practices encountered by passengers coming from international flights. Countries such as Germany stipulate that foreign passengers coming to the country from international flights must have PCR, i.e. Covid-19 test, and that they will enter the country if they have a negative result. Therefore, it can be said that travel restrictions still continue in European countries and passenger entry and exit from many countries are not allowed.

Although still riding restrictions in some countries are now continuing international travel restrictions in Turkey. Turkey, thanks to its international and new controls social life of the steps he has taken the one from oldu.türki strong health systems and infrastructure travel restrictions on domestic flights, taking the decision to lift the middle of June, health workers from the epidemic with the selfless struggle has managed to become one of the least affected countries. With the removal of restrictions hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists make summer vacation or had the chance to be able to perform the job entry to Turkey visit. In the past, a 14-day quarantine application was carried out in student dormitories affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports for foreigners coming from abroad, and then this application ended with the control of the pandemic effect. Ministry of Health, the Turkish citizens and foreigners who come from abroad to Turkey no longer has announced quarantine does not apply.

Arrival to Turkey

Foreigners who came from abroad as of October 2020 are not subjected to any quarantine measures on arrival in Turkey. Instead, with Turkish nationals who have entered Turkey made all the health control of foreign nationals. First of all body temperature of foreigners arriving in Turkey is measured by thermal cameras at airports located and temperature measurement devices. Then, the Covid-19 test is carried out free of charge at the test center at the airports if the body temperature of the passengers is 37.8 degrees and above, which is the limit value, or if they show any signs of disease. The test gives results in about 1 hour. Foreign passengers who show the symptoms of the disease as a result of the examination performed at the airports and who are found to be Covid-19 positive as a result of the PCR test are isolated by the airport paramedics without wasting time and are sent directly to the relevant hospital. Even they are allowed to enter the country on condition that they isolate themselves in the places where they stayed for 14 days and comply with all conditions.

What About Domestic Travelling ?

Update 02.03.2022

As a result of the meeting of the Scientific Committee of Turkey and the statements of the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, the HES code application was abolished. No institution or organization will request a HES code.

For more information about March 2 Regulations, you can read this article: 2 March 2022 Coronavirus Turkey Scientific Committee Statements

Today, in some conditions, you must have a valid HES Code to travel between cities in Turkey. In cases where having Turkish citizenship to be just like other Turkish citizens, foreign tourists or foreigners with temporary visas in Turkey HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) it is obliged to use the code. There are more than one method for foreigners to obtain HES Code, especially by using the Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application. The methods of obtaining the HES Code are basically divided into two. One of them is the method of obtaining HES Code by Using a Foreign Identity Number, while the other is the method of obtaining HES Code by Using Passport for those who do not have a Foreign Identity Number.

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