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Things to Know About Family Residental Permit in Turkey

Before applying for a family residence permit, we recommend that you pay attention to the following issues. Family residence permit is the permit given to foreigners married to Turkish citizens and their children.

Children benefiting from a family residence permit can reside in Turkey until the age of 18 without obtaining a student residence permit. In the family residence permit of children, the consent of the mother or father who has joint custody, if any, is required outside of Turkey.

The family residence permit of foreign spouses who obtained a family residence permit but divorced while married to a Turkish citizen can be converted into a short-term residence permit. However, for this, the spouse must have stayed in Turkey for at least 3 years with a family residence permit. However, if the divorced spouse is a victim of domestic violence, if it is proven by a court decision, this 3-year period will not be required. Children who stay with a family residence permit for at least 3 years can turn their permit into a short-term residence permit as soon as they turn 18.

The reasons for the rejection, cancellation or non-extension of the family residence permit are largely the same as the reasons for the rejection, cancellation or non-extension of the short-term residence permit. As for cancellation, one of the differences between the two types of leave is in terms of the length of stay abroad in the last year. In the family residence permit, if the period of being abroad in the last year is 180 days, the family residence permit is cancelled.

Another difference is that as a result of the disappearance of the conditions for obtaining a family residence permit, the foreigner cannot obtain a short-term residence permit.

Apart from all these, one of the reasons for the rejection or cancellation of the family residence permit is the rejection or cancellation of the family residence permit, which is requested due to marriage or obtained through marriage, in some cases. A foreigner who marries a Turkish citizen can request a family residence permit. However, before the family residence permit is granted or extended, if there is a reasonable doubt, the governorships will investigate whether the marriage was made solely for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit. At the end of the investigation, if it is determined that the marriage was made for this purpose, the family residence permit is not granted; The residence permit issued is also cancelled.

After the family residence permit is granted, the governorships will be able to control whether the marriage is by agreement. In this way, it is stated that the family residence permit canceled due to the existence of an arranged marriage will not be taken into account in the calculation of the total residence time in the residence permit applications that the foreigner will make later.


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