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Things Foreigners Need To Know About Buying A House In Turkey

It is possible for foreigners to buy a house in Turkey under certain restrictions and conditions. Article 35 of the relevant Land Registry Law regulates not only the right to buy, but also the right to acquire property in any way. Therefore, the conditions to be determined apply not only to the purchase, but also to the acquisition of property by donation or inheritance.

There is no requirement to have a residence permit when buying a house

Foreigners can buy a house even if they do not have a valid residence permit. There are different criteria for foreigners to buy a house in order to acquire citizenship in Turkey. The value of the immovable property must be at least $400,000.

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What are the Conditions for Foreigners to Buy a House in Turkey?

The conditions regulated in the law for foreign nationals to buy a house in Turkey can be listed as follows:

  • The President decides which country’s citizens can buy houses and real estate in Turkey.
  • The total area of ​​the acquired real estate and limited real rights cannot exceed ten percent of the private property area of ​​the district and thirty hectares per person throughout the country.
  • However, the President has the power to double the amount that can be obtained per capita nationwide.
  • In cases where the interests of the country necessitate, it is possible to impose restrictions and prohibitions on the goods to be acquired by the President in terms of country, person, geographical region, duration, number, rate, type, quality, area and quantity.
  • Citizens of countries neighboring Turkey cannot purchase real estate from provinces neighboring Turkey’s own country.
  • Foreigners also need to get permission from the military authorities in the region before buying real estate. If the real estate in question is within the security zone, it is not possible to sell it to foreigners.
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What are the Documents Required for Foreigners to Buy a House in Turkey?

  • Identity document or passport,
  • The title deed of the immovable or the information of the village or neighborhood, island, parcel, building, independent section,
  • “Real Estate Current Value Certificate” of the immovable to be purchased from the relevant municipality, Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for related buildings,
  • Translation and original or certified copy of the power of attorney,
  • 2 photos of seller and buyer.

Post-House Purchase Process

After purchasing real estate in Turkey, the foreigner can apply for Turkish citizenship if the conditions are met and upon request. You can also apply for a residence permit without applying for Turkish citizenship. Foreigners who will not do both; When they come to Turkey for tourism purposes, they can use their properties in Turkey. But as a general rule; It is necessary to have a valid identification number in order to make electricity, water and natural gas subscriptions of the house. This is mandatory for subscription transactions in many provinces. You can get detailed information about the subject by contacting the electricity, water and natural gas distribution companies in the province where your real estate is located.


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