There Is Fire In Marmaris

Breaking news: While Marmaris could not get over the trauma of the forest fire last year, it was shaken by the fire that started in Bordubet yesterday evening.

While Marmaris could not get over the trauma of the forest fire last year, it was shaken by the fire that started in Bordubet yesterday evening. While the fire extinguishing efforts continue, Marmaris Mayor Mehmet Oktay and his team continue to be on the field with their entire team from the very first moment.

For an unknown reason, a fire broke out in the forest area covered with red pine trees at around 20.00 yesterday evening in the Bordubet locality of Hisaronu District. The flames grew in a short time due to the strong wind. Teams and construction equipment affiliated to Mugla Marmaris Municipality, which immediately went to the scene with the news of the fire; together with the Fire Brigade and Mugla Regional Directorate of Forestry teams, they started to work to prevent the flames from getting bigger.

Municipality is on the field with 371 personnel and 48 vehicles

The intervention, which started from the air with helicopters, ended with the dark. 371 personnel working in the departments of Marmaris Municipality such as Science Affairs, Cleaning Works, Support Services, Park Gardens and Constabulary started to work in the field with 48 vehicles. Responding to the fire continued with elements such as land sprinklers, construction equipment, water tankers, dozers, and fire extinguishing vehicles. Marmaris Municipality Search and Rescue Team (MAKE), which was established last year, also participated in the firefighting efforts. A municipal catering vehicle was also deployed to the scene to support field workers. Aksaz Naval Base Command also assigned a water tanker, dozer, sprinkler, fire extinguishing vehicles and personnel to respond to the fire.

After the helicopter intervention to the fire was stopped because it got dark, Marmaris Mayor Mehmet Oktay called for a helicopter with night vision and said, “Otherwise, we will face disaster again.” Addressing the authorities with the video he took from the scene, Oktay said, “Unfortunately, our biggest negative is the strong wind. All the teams are on the alert, but as I said, our situation does not seem very bright due to the wind. Our only request is that night vision helicopters be sent to the region urgently. Otherwise, we will face a disaster again. We expect him to hear our call as soon as possible,” he said. However, there was no aerial intervention at night. The work to control the fire started again with the light of the day.

The catering vehicle, which reached the fire place at 20.30, offered food and cold drinks to the personnel of all institutions working in the field from the first hours of the fire. Especially meeting the basic needs in the event of a fire, such as cold water and ice, Municipality teams also provided equipment such as generator, fuel oil and charging. According to the first determinations, work continues to extinguish the fire that occurred in an area of ​​​​2 thousand 278 hectares.

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