There Are Many Places To Visit In Turkey: Get to Know Osmaniye Closely

Turkey is a very touristic country. It welcomes thousands of tourists every year.

Osmaniye’s old name is Cebeliberetir. There are 7 counties, 9 towns and 161 villages connected to the district. Districts of Osmaniye province; Garden, Duzici, Hasanbeyli, Kadirli, Sumbas and Toprakkale.

Karaçay Waterfall and Recreation Area

There is a hidden paradise 4 km away from the city center. In the summer, you take your loved ones with you and set off. You have to stop the car for a certain time and continue on foot. After a while, you hear the sound of water flowing from a height of 30 meters. After driving a little longer, you feel the coolness of the water on your body. This water is the Karaçay waterfall, which is important for our city. You can’t get enough of standing in front of this waterfall and watching the water dance up and down. You admire the scenery created by the pine trees along with the waterfall. You forget all the tiredness and warmth. In addition, Çukurova is the place where plants grow. There is also a restaurant that caters to the needs of visitors.


Ala Mosque

Located in Kadirli District, this building is a Roman period building. It was built in the 70s AD. It was built as a monastery when it was first built, then a church was added and served as a monastery for many years. This building was converted into a mosque in 1480 during the reign of the Sarı Kaplan Dulkadiroğulları Turkmen chief, the son of Alaüddevle. Alaüddevle Mosque remained as a name. Later, when the neighborhood was divorced, the mosque was left to its own fate. It was restored in 1865 and the mosque was opened and its name was Ala Mosque.

The last restoration work started in 2005 with a large appropriation and was completed in 2007. It is one of the most important historical buildings of Osmaniye. You should see.

Karatepe Open Air Museum

It is located in the village of Kizyusuflu, 22 km from Kadirli District center in Osmaniye Province. It was built here as a border fortress by the Hittite king Asativatas, who ruled in Adana in the 8th century BC, to protect his kingdom against the savage tribes in the north. It was previously called Asativatas because of its founder. The Assyrians, who later captured this place, burned and destroyed this castle. Excavations in the area began in 1946. Many structures have been found here. There are especially lion-headed sculptures. For this reason, it is also called Aslantas. The artifacts here were wanted to be taken to the gated museum, but because there were too many, they turned this place into an Open Air Museum. There is no doubt that you will get historical pleasure when you come here.

Toprakkale Castle

Located on the border of Toprakkale district, this castle is 10 km from the city center. The castle was built at the junction of Osmaniye-Adana and Hatay provinces. When the castle was first built, it was built to control the road connecting Cukurova to Syria. It is built on 75 meters of soil built on the rocks that dominate the plain. It is rumored that the castle was first built in the 2nd millennium BC. The castle was later restored in the time of Harun Reşit. The rectangular planned castle was called Kinik Castle during the Ottoman period. The castle has 12 bastions. When you go to see the castle, which can be seen from all over the city, it will leave you with a historical pleasure.

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