The Sea Retracted 10 Meters in Fethiye

In the Fethiye district of Muğla, the sea water was withdrawn about 10 meters from the shore. The retreat is caused by tidal movements and wind pressure changes.

The image formed by the withdrawal of sea water in Fethiye Bay in Mugla surprised those who came to the promenade. In the Calis area of Foca Neighborhood, residents and visitors took pictures of the landscape.

With the receding of the sea water by about 10 meters, the small islet where the alluviums carried by the Murt Stream was formed.

The wastes that appeared on the shore after the withdrawal were collected by Fethiye Municipality teams.

Mugla Sitki Kocman University Faculty of Fisheries Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Bahadir Onsoy said that the withdrawals were caused by the storms experienced in the open sea especially in the winter periods.

Emphasizing that the water withdrawals had nothing to do with the earthquake and that there was no natural event that could predict the earthquake, Onsoy said:

“Due to the air pressure difference, because the water sometimes moves to the open, there is such a withdrawal or, on the contrary, a rise. These effects are seen even more in the winter periods. The decrease of the water seems to have been withdrawn at a longer distance, especially on the shallow beaches. We know that the water withdrawals are natural and “We observe this event every year. These events have nothing to do with the earthquake. The only sea movement related to the earthquake is the tsunami. The seawater withdrawals in the region will recover in a few days.”

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  1. Very interesting. I Discovered this article whilst looking for more information.

    The tides have pulled back around several countries in the past 48 hours.
    Italy France Lebanon Syria Egypt Turkey Morocco Palestine Israel Greece Libya

    The only news information and video reports I can find is on this page, Italy local team news and

    Has the water returned to shore in Turkey yet?

    It seems a strange occurrence for the Mediterranean sea to pull back around so many coastlines at the same time

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