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What is Sea Retracted? What Are the Causes? Should We Be Afraid?

The sea water level can be affected by many factors and may show a recession or rise. Sometimes, seasonal changes caused the water level to decrease, while it was a matter of curiosity whether there was an earthquake or tsunami effect. So, why is Deniz retracted? What causes sea retracted? What are the factors affecting the retracted of sea water? We have answered all of these questions for you.


This situation is repeated almost every year in February and March. The reason is a little tide and a little high pressure, but the main reason is northerly winds. So it is a normal situation that happens every year in these months. Conversely, the waters rise up to 60 centimeters during the Lodos periods.


The sea water level can be affected by many factors and it shows a recession or rise according to these factors. The main factors are:

Winds: Winds can affect the water levels of the seas and increase the waves of the seas.

Seasonal changes: Seasonal factors can cause seawater levels to recede or rise. For example, drought during the winter can cause the sea level to drop.

North and South Creek Structures: North and South Creek structures can cause seawater levels to change.

Water Level Control Systems: Many countries have systems designed and built to control sea water levels. These systems can help keep seawater levels at a certain level.

Emissions: Increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can cause seawater levels to rise.

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