The Iphone 16 Pro And Iphone 16 Pro Max Have Designs That Will Disappoint Apple Fans.

The countdown to iPhone 16 has begun. Apple will unveil its highly anticipated new phones next September and will probably break sales records once again. However, the fact that these phones have not yet been introduced does not prevent us from getting information about it.

Like every phone, iPhones go through various design stages before entering production. Sometimes these designs are leaked, allowing us to get an idea about the phone. This is exactly the case with the iPhone 16 Pro. According to the leaked information, the phone will be quite similar to the iPhone 15 Pro and will not create a big surprise.

The biggest change will be in the button layout. The Action button, which entered our lives last year, will be much larger in the new model. This will prevent it from being confused with the power button. The most exciting innovation on the keypad is the “Capture” button. Positioned on the left side of the device, where the mmWave antenna was located in previous models, this button brings back a feature that photography enthusiasts have long missed.

However, the biggest change will undoubtedly be the screen size. If the leaks are correct, the iPhone 16 Pro’s screen will increase from 6.1 inches to 6.3 inches, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max’s screen will increase from 6.7 inches to 6.9 inches. This increase could make the phones a bit more difficult to use.

Unfortunately, apart from this size change, there will be no design innovation.

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