The Feature to Mute Unwanted Calls Is Coming to WhatsApp

It seems that with the new features of WhatsApp Beta, a problem that many users have problems will be solved. Here are the details!

WhatsApp, which is one of the most preferred applications for subsequent communication, can annoy users in some parts. However, the security and privacy features of new data within the scope of developments made in recent years make WhatsApp more usable.

According to a newly emerged information, the feature of silencing calls from hidden numbers in WhatsApp is for the service.

Son to Spam Calls!

Whatsapp Communities, which were formed recently, stood out as a popular feature that allowed users to communicate much more comfortably for a specific purpose. However, it causes people to be constantly harassed by malicious people, directly directed by their numbers observed in these communities.

Thanks to the new feature that has started to be tested in Whatsapp Beta, you will not be sent notifications or ringtones for calls from hidden numbers that are not registered in your contacts. If you activate this feature, calls will be silenced and WhatsApp call notifications sections can be displayed on demand.

The new feature is expected to run an extra security measure against the latest widespread fraudulent WhatsApp calls.

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