The Expected Update Since July Has Been Released! Here’s What’s New in WhatsApp

Announced in July, the WhatsApp update is now available. With the incoming update, the number of group participants was increased to 512 and the maximum file sending size was increased to 2 GB.

Today, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to messaging and makes SMS history, WhatsApp offers new features every day. Despite this, WhatsApp, which is far behind its competitors in some issues, especially in maximum file size, has released a major update to prevent this.

new in whatsapp

Future Of The Update Announced In July

In a blog post published in July, Whatsapp hinted at a future update for the app.

new in whatsapp

With the update that came yesterday, the following updates came to Whatsapp:

  • It has become possible to sort unread messages by clicking the icon next to the search bar. In addition, improvements were made to the heavily used message deletion feature.
  • WhatsApp file sending size has been increased to 2GB
  • The “Delete for Everyone” feature, which allows the message to be deleted from both the sender and the receiver, ended after 2 days. In other words, you can delete a message even after 48 hours from either party.
new in whatsapp

Increased Maximum File Send Size

On the other hand, when you delete a message using the “Delete For Me” feature, it became possible to undo it within the first few seconds. The maximum number of participants in WhatsApp groups has been increased to 512, and the maximum file size has been increased from 100 MB to 2 GB.

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