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The Application Procedures of Administrative Detention Decision in Turkey?

Administrative detention decision can be applied to foreigners who are not legally in Turkey and who have various legal risks. Foreigners with an administrative detention decision are sent to Repetriation Centers and necessary legal actions are taken for them. Administrative detention decision in Turkey are taken for;

-The foreigners for who have a deportation decision, they are thought to be at risk of escaping and being lost,
-Those who are believed to have violated the entry or exit procedures in Turkey and used forged or delusive documents,
-Foreigners who do not comply with the time allowed to leave Turkey, or
-Administrative detention decision may be taken for foreigners who are believed to cause a threat to public order, public security or public health.

Foreigners with an administrative detention decision can apply for international protection and apply for voluntary repetriation when the necessary conditions are met. However, this administrative detention decision can also be taken for foreigners who apply for international protection. The competent authorities of the Republic of Turkey have the right to impose administrative detention on foreigners who have serious questions about the accuracy of their identity information, in order to detect this information, to prevent them from entering the country illegally at the border gates, or against people who may act as a threat to public security if they enter the country. Again, judicial remedy is open to foreigners for objections to the administrative detention decision. Foreigners can make an appeal for administrative detention decision.

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