Tattoo of Mohammed Alsaloussi! Seyma Subasi and Melisa

Mohammed Alsaloussi tattooed the names of his lover Seyma Subasi and his daughter Melisa Ilicali, with whom he reconciled in the past weeks. The Egyptian billionaire engraved the names of Melisa and Seyma Subasi on his shoulder and added an infinity emoji.

Seyma Subasi, who came to the fore with her private life after her divorce with Acun Ilicali, got divorced and received a marriage proposal while preparing for the wedding with Egyptian billionaire Mohammed Alsaloussi, with whom she had a long love affair.

An interesting move came from the couple who reconciled in the past weeks.

Mohammed Alsaloussi


Meedo, one of the couple, who lived in front of their relationship and shared frequently on social media, had the names of both Şeyma Subaşı and her daughter Melisa, who was born from the union with Acun Ilıcalı, written on her body to show her body.

Mohammed Alsaloussi

They are in love with Subasi. At the age of 32, she got the “Şeyma Melisa” tattoo on her shoulder. The infinity emoji has also been added to Meedo’s tattoo. It was a matter of curiosity how Acun Ilıcalı would react to this move of the Egyptian businessman. It is not yet known whether the couple returning from the wedding eve will sit at the wedding table.

Mohammed Alsaloussi
Mohammed Alsaloussi
Mohammed Alsaloussi

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