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Who is Acun İlicali?

He was born in Edirne on 29 May 1969 as the son of a family from the Aziziye district of Erzurum.

Her mother’s name was Ilknur and her mother was the provincial director of cooperatives. His father’s name is Ergun and his father was a contractor. He has an older brother named Omer Cenker Ilicali. He started school at the age of 5 because he was jealous of his older brother’s going to school. That’s why he said that he always thought of school as a game.

He completed primary and secondary school in Edirne Istiklal Primary School. He won Kadikoy Anatolian High School at the age of 10. He went to Istanbul to study with his grandmother. He was cut off from his studies because he was away from his family. Later, his mother was appointed to Izmit and his family moved to Istanbul.

He was locked in his room so that he could study because he was disconnected from the lessons during the high school period. When closed to the room; He said that he formed a league from the letters in the book and made them make matches. He won the Department of English Language Teaching at Istanbul University. University life lasted 7 years. However, he did not finish school. He lost his grandmother and grandfather in a traffic accident.

He got married at the age of 19. She said that after her marriage, all her friends met at her house. One day he met his friends at home; He said that the police raided the house, that the policemen entered from the balcony and that they left when they saw that the people in the house were playing games. He had a daughter in his marriage. Since he and his wife were students, his father took care of them.

He said that he spent the apartment dues given by his father and that the lien paper that came to the house was thrown away. He said that while he was watching TV one day, the door opened, foreclosure officers came and took the TV away, the person to whom they had handed over the TV was the goalkeeper of his team, and the TV came back an hour later.

One day, her parents took their daughter and set out for Bodrum. While Ergun Ilicali was calmly overtaking the convoy in the evening hours in Balikesir, a vehicle coming at a speed of 180 km suddenly appeared in front of him and they collided head-on. At that moment, Ergun Ilicali and Ilknur Ilicali died. Acun Ilicali’s daughter had fractures in 18 different places on her body.

Acun Ilicali, after the death of his parents; She was traumatized, stayed at home for a year and divorced her husband. In 1994, he had a heavy motorcycle accident on Bagdat Street. His left arm was broken in a motorcycle accident and he lost his friend sitting behind him. After the operation, which required 36 stitches, a platinum was attached to his left arm.

He consumed what was left of his mother and father in two years. In 1995, she opened a jeans shop on Bagdat Street. But it soon sank. He said that he had zero lira at that time, and that he did not feel that he had no money thanks to his friends. While staying with a friend from the university named Esat, he saw the Show TV building on his way to the airport. He is accompanied by his friend from university, Esat.

In 1996, when he learned that his childhood friend Goktug Sevincli was working in the sports service on Show TV at that time, he called him and replied, “Let’s come with Esat,” but Goktug Sevincli said, “Come, it’s beautiful here,” and visited Irfan Sahin.

Irfan Sahin introduced them to Ilker Yasin, who was the sports manager at that time. Ilker Yasin understood that Acun Ilicali and his friend understood football very well while chatting. Ilker Yasin wanted Acun Ilicali and his friend to work on Show TV. Thus, Acun Ilicali started to work as a trainee. Despite being a Fenerbahce fan, he worked as a Besiktas correspondent.

He started his television career as a Besiktas correspondent on Show TV. In 2002, he started to produce and present a travel-entertainment television program called “Acun Firarda”. Cameramen Feridun, Caykun Ertan and Esat Yontunc assisted Acun Ilicali in the program, while Sebnem Schaefer was on the team for the fashion part of the program. The program ended in 2006. He founded the company “Acun Medya” in 2006.

Between 2004-2006, the horror-thriller television program “Fear Factor”; Between the years of 2007-2010, the television program with the content of the competition called “Do you have it”; In 2006, he produced and presented the television program “Survivor Turkey” with the content of the competition. Between 2007-2008 “Or is it a Dream?” the current television program; Between 2008 and 2014, he produced the television program “Say You Can Say”, with the content of a voice competition.

In 2009, the football-related television program “Giants League”; In 2009, the television program with the content of the talent contest named “Talent You are Turkey”; Between the years 2010-2011, the television program with the content of the dance competition “Yok Such Dans”; In 2011; He was the producer and presenter of the television program with the content of the voice contest called “O Ses Türkiye”.

He established the portal website “Acunn.com” with his employees. He left Show Tv in 2013 and moved to Star Tv. In 2013; He started to produce the television program “3 Men”, established the clothing website “Sekiz.com” with his employees, became a 40% partner in the television channel “MNG Shop” (new name Shop90), and named “Tv8” in partnership with Doğuş Broadcasting Group. purchased the television channel (70% owner).

In 2014; He left Star Tv and left “Ninja Warrior Turkey”, “Para Bende”, “Hulya Avsar Show”, “Arda’s Kitchen”, “Families Compete”, “Ver Fırına”, “Bald Alaka”, “Academy”, ” TV programs called “Utopia”; In 2015, he produced the television programs “Rising Star Turkey” and “Here’s My Style”. In 2016, he started to produce the competition program “Here’s My Style Celebrities”. In 2008, it became one of the tax record holders in Turkey for the first time. 2

In 2011, 2,836,191 income taxes were accrued, ranking 62nd in the income tax list in Turkey. He performed stand-up shows at universities in Turkey and in different parts of Anatolia. In his shows, he humorously told the audience what happened to him during his professional life. As of October 7, 2016, the television channel Shop90 was closed and the sports channel TV8.5 started broadcasting.

He married Seda Basbug in 1988. He had a daughter named Banu from his first marriage. He broke up with Seda Basbug in 1993. He completed his 30-day military service in 2000 by paying 5,000 German marks with the military service law enacted in 1999. He married Zeynep Yilmaz in 2003. He had two daughters, Yasemin and Leyla, from this marriage.

Seda Basbug

In 2010, it was alleged that he had an affair with Seyma Subasi. In 2013, he had a daughter named Melisa from his extra-marital affair with Seyma Subasi. He divorced his wife Zeynep Yilmaz on 12.07.2016 in a single session and married Seyma Subasi on 18 September 2017 in a ceremony attended by 250 people in Marseille, France.

Seyma Subasi

Acun Ilıcalı and Seyma Subasi couple divorced on 26.11.2018.

Who is Seyma Subasi?

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