Who is

Who is Dr. Lyudmila Steve?

Name and Surname: Dr. Lyudmila Steve
Title Eye Health and Diseases Specialist
Nationality Turkmen
Place and Year of Birth: Turkmenistan, 1976
Marital Status: Single, mother of 1 child
City of residence Madrid
Language Skills: Turkmen (mother tongue), Russian (advanced), English (advanced)

Training and Certificates

Undergraduate Education: Dr. Lyudmila Steve studied medicine at Turkmen State Medical University in Turkmenistan and graduated as a medical doctor. During her medical education, she developed a special interest in ophthalmology.

Specialized Training: She completed her specialty training in ophthalmology at Moscow State Medical University in Moscow. During his training, he gained in-depth knowledge and experience in retinal diseases, cataract surgery and laser treatments.

Career and Achievements

Dr. Lyudmila Steve has established her own private eye care clinic, offering innovative eye treatments. Her clinic specializes in eye color changing, eye aesthetics and other modern treatments.

Innovative Treatments: Dr. Steve is a leading expert in next-generation treatments in the field of eye health. His clinic successfully performs advanced treatments such as retinal treatments, photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), and femtolasics. She is also doing important work in color blindness correction.

Dr. Lyudmila Steve is a physician recognized for her expertise in eye health and diseases. She has extensive knowledge in both traditional ophthalmology and innovative eye treatments. She does her best to protect and improve the eye health of her patients.

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