Spotify’s Design Is Changing: A TikTok-like “For You” Page Will Be Added

Spotify’s Design Is Changing: A TikTok-like “For You” Page Will Be Added

After nearly a year of beta, the design changes on the music platform Spotify were finally introduced. Details are here!

Continuing its leadership at the top among music platforms for many years, Spotify pressed the emergency buttons after the inevitable exit of Apple Music and YouTube Music in the process we left behind. Significant improvements and design changes await users in the near future.

The changes, which were taken into the beta process last year, were officially announced with the statement made today. Among the new changes is the “For You” page, which is clearly inspired by TikTok.

Here’s the New Spotify View

One of the new features to be added to Spotify, which is expected to make a big difference, will be preview lists that will allow you to quickly experience various music and platforms.

In these lists, just like on social media such as TikTok and Instagram, you will be able to quickly listen to the episodes or songs according to your personal podcast and music preferences, and swipe the song you don’t like. Your preferences will be taken into account to create the next preview list. These lists will include ones with a nicer graphic design, such as Discover Weekly, which has been featured on Spotify for a long time.

Smart Shuffle, on the other hand, provides great convenience for those who find it difficult to add new songs to their list. If you enable Smart Shuffle in your existing playlist, the music genres in your playlist are analyzed and the songs closest to your preferences are automatically added to your playlist. Thus, music lists consisting of several songs can now become much more vivid and colorful.

Spotify's Design Is Changing

On the other hand, AI DJ, which is only available to users in the USA and Canada for now, invites users to its own disco for an extremely interesting experience. Artificial intelligence DJ will prepare a list for you based on your preferences and present the songs in their original voice.

Spotify’s Design Is Changing

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