Some Unknown Advantages of Being a Student In Turkey

Every year thousands of foreign students from all around the globe register in the universities of Turkey. since most of these students don’t speak Turkish they may not know about the services provided by Turkey to students. This article was prepared in order to provide info on these services to the new students coming to Turkey to make their years of study a bit easier. You can also read this article in Turkish by clicking this link and in Arabic by clicking this link.

Student Discounts

Almost every store and touristic area in Turkey provide discounts for students. Let it be an electronic devices store , a museum or even a historical touristic area, discounts is provided by Turkey to all students studying in a secondary education establishment. And as of the year of 2021 the Turkish Air Lines started providing tickets at a discount for students studying in Turkey.

Student Transportation Card

Student Transportation Card

Turkey has a very high quality transportation with a very good infrastructure. in order to use buses, metro, or metrobus vehicles in most of Turkey’s provinces you need to have a transportation card. Turkey has a discounted student card that can be obtained at a very young age starting as early as primary school. In order to obtain this card one needs student certificate, a photo, and their id or passport after preparing these documents one needs to go to the nearest application center and apply for the card.

Museum Card +

museum card + is card given to Turkish citizens for 60 TL. But it is given to students including foreign students studying in Turkish secondary education establishments for 30 TL. with museum card one can visit more than 300 museum and historical ruins affiliated with the ministry of  tourism and culture all around the year without any limitations. with museum card one can go on a pleasant historical tour around Turkey. The card is valid for a whole year starting at the purchase date. as long you are studying in a Turkish secondary education establishment you can buy the card again once its validity is over.

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Student E-mail

This email account is given to all students studying in Turkey. It is Mostly used for academic mailing. Yet what most students don’t know is that they could access a lot of discounts provided by a lot of companies and establishments. for example: adobe programs, matlab program or any program or subscriptions that might be useful in their student life.

How Can I Become a Student in Turkey?

If you are interested in being a student in Turkey and you want to study in Turkey and take advantage of Turkey’s unique opportunities and beauty, you have asked yourself this question. In order to study in a university in Turkey, you must take the YÖS or SAT exam. You can click on the links below to get more detailed information about YOS and SAT.

What is YOS?

What is SAT?

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