Silent Hill 2 and Final Fantasy XVI Won’t Coming to Xbox?

With Microsoft’s entry into the process of acquiring Activiason-Blizzard, Sony almost declared a war against this merger. Microsoft, who gave harsh answers to Sony, talked about the popular series.

The Xbox and Playstation war, especially in the western world, has progressed to interesting points in recent years. With the release of the new generation consoles, Sony has achieved great success with the PS5, but Xbox Game Pass has almost cornered the Japanese company. Continuing to make purchases to expand the Game Pass service, Microsoft announced that it would also purchase Activision-Blizzard. This agreement, which has been opposed by Sony in recent months, reveals interesting information about both companies.

Silent Hill 2 And Final Fantasy VII Will Never Come to Xbox

Microsoft, which prepared a defense to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, made serious claims about Sony in its 111-page report. According to Microsoft, Sony has signed exclusive deals with Square Enix and Konami to ensure that Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Silent Hill 2 Remake will never be released on the Xbox platform.

Although Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have made platform-specific agreements for some productions, Sony’s attempt to specifically block Xbox reveals that the company wants to have a monopoly in the western market. Silent Hill 2 was announced for PS5 and PC in the past months, but Xbox users thought that the game would eventually come to the Xbox platform, but it seems that Sony has already taken special steps to prevent this. Let’s see if the US, EU and UK will allow Microsoft to buy Activision.

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