SIEMENS launches Siemens Xcelerator for digital transformation

Siemens Turkey has announced that it has launched Siemens Xcelerator to accelerate the digital transformation for its customers operating in the fields of industry, buildings, networks and transportation. Siemens Turkey Chairman and CEO Dr. Hüseyin Gelis stated that a new era has begun and this ecosystem will include not only the solutions offered by Siemens but also its business partners.

Designing its vision for the future by offering solutions that will increase the sustainability, energy efficiency and adaptation of businesses in all sectors to the digital world, Siemens Turkey has added a new technology to the technologies that bring the digital and physical world together.

With this understanding, Siemens Turkey presented Siemens Xcelerator, which brings together multiple digital solutions of many business partners, from large-scale to independent software developers, in order to accelerate the digital transformation of companies. The platform, which can be accessed via, offers the opportunity to reach solutions suitable for the needs of customers of all sizes, for different business partners, for infrastructure, transportation services, food and beverage, chemistry, automotive, health and many other key industries.

Will continue to improve with feedback

Siemens Xcelerator; In addition to increasing and facilitating the interaction between customers, business partners and developers with the solutions it offers, it is a digital marketplace created with the aim of training, discovering and exchanging information. The digital platform, Siemens Xcelerator, which is a first in Turkey and Siemens aims to create a solution ecosystem with more than 4,000 business partners all over the world, has been designed to be open to everyone. The ecosystem will quickly update itself with the changing needs of the sectors and will continue its development based on the feedbacks of the users.

A hybrid event was organized by Siemens Turkey at MEXT, the world’s largest digital transformation and competence development center, to promote Siemens Xcelerator, with the participation of employees and customers.

Speaking at the introductory meeting of Siemens Xcelerator, Siemens AG Head of Strategy and Technology Dr. Peter Koerte said, “The digitalization process, which accelerates everything today, has also affected competition at the same speed. In this process, we need simple solutions. Siemens Xcelerator is a platform where you can find all solutions for digitalization together. This platform includes thousands of approved developers, applications and hundreds of solutions. Thanks to these solutions, cost and time savings are achieved; production is being optimized to the digital world much faster.”

Contains solutions for SMEs

Saying that Siemens Xcelerator brings together the digital world and the real world, Koerte continued: “There is a network of experts in our ecosystem. This network contains very valuable information and solutions not only for large-scale companies, but also for SMEs. In addition, the sectoral communities that we have created here on the basis of the sector provide great convenience and advantages to our users.”

Saying that Siemens Xcelerator is the beginning of a new era for Siemens, Siemens Turkey Chairman and CEO Dr. Hüseyin Gelis said, “As Siemens Turkey, we are working to create value for our customers. The most important of these works was Siemens Xcelerator.

Our platform ushers in a new era for Siemens. Siemens Xcelerator will complete the transformation of companies in the digital age and will be an ecosystem that includes not only the solutions offered by Siemens, but also the products of its partners. All products offered in this ecosystem will be interconnected and facilitate the lives of experts and users in a market environment. Efficiency will increase when technological systems start talking to each other.”

Working in an integrated way with each other

The platform includes Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled hardware and software, as well as services developed by Siemens and its partners. In addition, all of the solutions offered in Siemens Xcelerator, which allows the product portfolio and reference examples to be examined, work in an integrated manner with each other.

Users, who will have the opportunity to get answers to all their questions from the chat screen on, include metaverse, IOT, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, as-a-Service (ready to use, easily adaptable and plug-and-play applications) on the platform. subjects can gain. Thus, the Siemens Xcelerator will help pave the way for the industrial metaverse. Thanks to the digital twin, users who have the opportunity to see their inefficient areas and production errors will also be able to prevent all the risks they may encounter.

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