Shakira’s First Statement After Pique Cheated on Shakira

After the betrayal, Barcelona defender Pique and world-famous singer Shakira ended their 12-year relationship. Shakira spoke for the first time since the betrayal. Expressing that she had the most difficult period of her life, the beautiful singer said, “There were days when I broke myself and I could only get away with music. There were days when work scared me a lot. I just didn’t want to hug my children and get out of bed… I had to.”


Shakira allegedly decided to break up after catching Pique with another woman. Later, Barcelona superstar Gerard Pique and famous singer Shakira announced that they ended their 12-year relationship. Shakira, in a post with Pique’s approval, said, “We are sorry to confirm that our paths have diverged. We expect our privacy to be respected for the sake of our children, which is our first priority.”

“There were days when I didn’t want to get out of bed”

Shocked by her husband’s betrayal, the star singer asked about her silence months later. Speaking to Elle magazine, Shakira was asked how her marital problems had affected her music career. … But I had to get up and go to the video shoot or the studio,” she said.

When asked how her marriage to Gerard Pique broke down, Shakira replied, “There’s a group of paparazzi camping outside my house 24/7. I have nowhere to hide. My kids and it really hurts them.” said his words.

“The Darkest Period of My Life”

Shakira said her experiences with Pique sounded like a bad dream. “I’m going through the dark period,” she said.


Referring to the difficult period in her life, the Colombian singer said, “I have no choice but to wait for this heavy load on my chest to lighten and look forward.” ended his speech.

Candid poses with her new girlfriend

Pique, who no longer lives out of sight with his 23-year-old employee, Clara Chia Marti, who works in his own company, has been spotted with his lover in the past months.


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  1. Pique is an idiot. Imagine cheating on Shakira with that hound dog he is with now lol. Shakira is one of the hottest girls on the planet and he decides to do that. What a moron

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