Second in the World: Valla Canyon, Kastamonu

Valla Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world, is located in Kastamonu. It is necessary to have the necessary equipment while touring the canyon. The disappearance of four students in the canyon in 1994 and their arrival in the town of Cide 14 days later caused this canyon to be called a wild paradise. After this event, Valla Canyon started to host more visitors. It is worth reminding again that it is very important to have the necessary equipment while touring the canyon.

Valla canyon is located within the borders of Muratbaşı (Valla) village of Pınarbaşı district of Kastamonu province. Located in the Küre Mountains National Park, the canyon is Turkey’s second deepest canyon with a depth of 800 m. It is the canyon formed by Devrekani Stream by breaking up the Küre Mountains. Its length is 12 km.

valla canyon kastamonu

It was formed by the chemical erosion of the limestone layers forming the Küre Mountains and its streams. Starting from the junction of Devrekani Stream and Kanlıçay, the canyon continues for 12 km in the direction of Cide district. Devrakani Stream formed Çatak Canyon and Horma Canyon in addition to Valla Canyon.

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The length of the canyon, the difficulty of its route and the height of its walls make the passage dangerous. It is not possible for people who are not experts and unequipped to pass.

Things to Know About Valla Canyon

In 1994, 4 students from Istanbul Technical University disappeared in Valla Canyon. After these students left Cide district 14 days later, the canyon came to the country’s agenda. At the exit of Valla Canyon, Devrekani Stream flows from Loç Valley. At the exit of the valley, the 35 m high Cide Dam and HEPP construction continues.

valla kanyonu

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