Samsung will continue to be the world leader in memory

Earlier this month, SK Hynix announced that it has developed the world’s first 321-layer NAND memory. New information says that Samsung is ahead of its competitors in this field in terms of production.

Competition in the field of semiconductors is unlikely to stop. Earlier this month, SK Hynix announced the world’s first 321-layer NAND flash memory. This new NAND flash memory with serious improvements was planned to go into mass production in 2025. Now, at least according to the news from South Korea, it looks like Samsung will start production of a similar memory much sooner.

Samsung is 1 year ahead of its rival

According to reports from Korea, Samsung seems to be preparing to beat SK Hynix in the NAND Flash race with more than 300 layers. According to the statements, Samsung will start the production of 300+ layer V-NAND (3D NAND) in 2024. Therefore, the technology giant will be ahead of its rival by almost 1 year. Currently, Samsung produces 236-layer NAND memories. This product from the company offers four more layers than Micron and YMTC, but has two layers less stack than SK Hynix.

There are some details that draw attention in the Korean press. SK Hynix will use the triple stack technique in its solution, while Samsung will use the dual stack implementation. This means Samsung is aiming for more than 150 layers of NAND per stack, which seems like a big risk to take when it comes to efficiency. The longer the stacks, the greater the chance of a failed stack, but perhaps Samsung has come up with a solution for this potential issue.

Because modern 3D NAND memories rely on a vertical electrical connection, Through Silicon Vias (TSV), it’s easier to produce denser memory stacks than in the past, but Samsung’s risk is still high. However, given the current low demand and news of further cuts in production, it seems logical that Samsung would use its factories to test this new, more densely-stacked NAND. Samsung’s roadmap calls for a 1,000+ layer V-NAND product by 2030, but the road still seems long and complex.

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