Samsung, LG, Arçelik and Vestel devices to be controlled from a single app

Samsung, LG, Arçelik and Vestel are unifying the smart home experience to make smart devices easier to control.

With the spread of IoT technology, the number of smart devices in homes is rapidly increasing. It is necessary to download each brand’s own application to control smart devices. This makes it difficult for users. In order to control smart devices from a single application, manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Vestel and Arçelik came together in 2021 and formed an alliance called Home Connectivity Alliance.

Brands will be connected

The Home Connectivity Alliance will bear its first fruit later this year. Samsung, LG, Vestel, Arçelik, Beko and Grundig’s mobile apps will be cross-controlled. Smart devices of other brands can be controlled through the mobile app of these brands. Users will be able to choose which application they want to use. The aim is to provide convenience to the user and to achieve efficiency in terms of energy management.

Launching in the last quarter of the year

Interface Specification 1.0, launched by HCA, enables manufacturers under the HCA umbrella to control their devices from their own applications with cloud-to-cloud communication technology. Interface Specification 1.0 will be available in eight countries, including Turkey, in the last quarter of this year.

Which devices will be supported?

In the first phase, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, heaters, air purifiers and certain small household appliances will be supported. In the next phase, more appliances will be supported. According to the statement made by HCA, not only newly produced devices but also owners of old devices will be able to benefit from this opportunity.

Since cloud-to-cloud communication technology will be used, users will not need to update their home appliances or purchase any hub devices. Simply update the smart device control software (Samsung SmartThings, LG ThinQ, Vestel VeeZy or Arçelik HomeWhiz) downloaded to your mobile device.

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