Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will upset: It comes with thick bezels

A source sharing reliable information about Samsung shared some details about the design of the flagship phone. The device will reportedly have the same thick bezels as the Galaxy A54

For those waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, there is some annoying news. The flagship smartphone will have the thickest bezels we’ve seen since the Galaxy S10, which debuted in 2019. There are some important details to elaborate on the subject.

First of all, let’s say that this information comes from a very reliable source named Ice Universe, an X (Twitter) user. The famous speaker says that the frame thickness of the Galaxy S24 Ultra will reach 3.42 mm, breaking the record. So it will be the same as the Galaxy A54.

Frame dimensions also announced

Ice Universe also announced the frame sizes. Accordingly, the left and right will be 3.42 mm, and the top and bottom will be 3.0 mm. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will reportedly offer a very low screen-to-body ratio of 88%. As we mentioned in the introduction, this is the lowest rate seen in Samsung flagships since the Galaxy S10.

It is said that the iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra, which Apple is preparing to launch this year, will have extremely thin bezels. Incoming information is that it will break a record with 1.55 mm thinness. From this perspective, the Galaxy S24 Ultra can be disappointing.

In many of the replies to Ice Universe’s post, users say they “hope” that this data is inaccurate. It doesn’t make much sense to people for Samsung to make the screen bezels thicker. However, since the source of the leak is extremely reliable, there is a high probability that these claims will turn into reality.

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